Data.Wave is the independent webzine, podcast and musical platform where every artist can present their own work to the audience in the form of exclusive lives, guest mixes and etc. We also prepare an interviews in audio and text formats. 
The main task of Data.Wave is the informative support of sound scene – we connect music and listeners.

note for artists

If you're experimenting and recording interesting/original music, get in touch with us and send your works. 
We can guarantee the full confidentiality and careful study of your audio material.

note for labels

Data.Wave is interested in open cooperation with a labels. If you're  releasing intelligent electronic music, read our published materials, get in touch with us and send your music. We can write a review about it.

note for promoters

Data.Wave is also interested in that good music played worldwide, and musicians were invited with concerts to the cities and festivals. If you have a desire and opportunity to organize a gig and invite a particular musician, please let us know.

note for Data.Wave support

If you’re interested in material and informative aid of Data.Wave and you want to participate in our work send us a message.